Comprehensive testing and analysis has revealed a range of results making the Cold-Plus formula unique. Compare different applications by reviewing real results with our representatives.

3rd Party Test Results

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Cold-Plus Case Studies

  • Energy Cost Reduction

    “an estimated peak demand savings of 86 kW, a 15.1% reduction. This translates to an energy cost savings of $16,176.”

  • Oil Fouling Removal

    “The increased heat transfer and refrigerant flow restored much of the degraded cooling capacity of a 12 year old Trane 20-ton Voyager A/C unit.”

  • Pool Boiling Improvement

    “the treatment is found to enhance pool boiling attributes of refrigerant”

  • Emissions Reduction

    “CO2 [Carbon Dioxide] emissions reduction: 8% / NOX [Nitrogen Oxide] emissions reduction: 8% / SOX [Sulfur Oxide] emissions reduction: 10%”

  • Extended Unit Life

    “The study clearly shows … the decreased KWH for each of these units. Because of the polymer this should continue for the life of the unit”

  • Return On Investment

    “The return on investment …based on the 8% reduction in consumption and the Cold-Plus injection cost is less than 7 months.”

  • Run-Time Reduction

    “compressor run-time to achieve the set peak performance system temperatures was reduced by 40.11%

  • Maintenance Cost Reduction

    “reduced load on the unit after treatment with Cold-Plus also results in longer operational lifespan and fewer service calls.”

  • Start-Up Amp Reduction

    “What the results show is a virtual elimination of the amp spike during start-up.”

  • Increased Lubricity

    “the treatment is found to enhance wear lubricity to compressor operations.”

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