The Solid Start Family has been developing and manufacturing chemicals for almost 40 years. Solid Start has researched and tested products successfully for applications in the Heavy Industrial, Automotive, Racing, and Military industries.

Our family has sold products in more than 100 countries. We challenged ourselves to engineer a solution to increase the operational efficiency in A/C and Refrigeration systems without adding chemically reactive or altering additives. Cold-Plus is the amazing result of that challenge.



From using logs and ice to move heavy stones, to tallow-lubricated wheel axles, mankind has sought ways to reduce friction since the beginning of time. As more sophisticated mechanical engineering developed, the need to reduce the friction and increase efficiency and longevity in operating machinery became paramount. Many attempts were made to find the perfect solution, however major drawbacks rendered them commercially unsuccessful.

In the mid-1970s, brothers Larrell and Dale Willis began developing PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) treatment formulas, taking advantage of the fact that PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid, and is thus more slippery than any other solid substance known to man. The Willis’ research and development efforts produced a clear focus on problem areas and potential solutions for several major industries.

In the mid-1980s, they formed QMI, of Lakeland, Florida, where their formula development grew to include hydraulic, gear and pneumatic treatments beyond PTFE, to a wide range of fuel treatments and other industrial products. And in 2006, after successfully developing many popular products, and growing QMI immensely, they decided to sell to ITW.

Among Larrell and Dale’s many formula developments was the idea for a PTFE-based technology to increase the efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The original concept focused on reducing friction in the compressor, removing system deposits, and adding a PTFE treatment to prevent further deposits. Early testing gave results much higher than anticipated on older equipment. This led to the understanding of the effect of lubricating oil break-down, the subsequent oil particle deposits on the metal surfaces throughout the system, and how this accumulation reduced the heat transfer ability of the system, now commonly known as oil fouling. As the unit ages, oil fouling builds up and degrades system efficiency. Further investigation suggested that as heat transfer increased, efficiency increased as well. And, over time, the Willis brothers developed and added a combination of micro/nanopolymers which remain suspended in the system and greatly enhance system thermodynamics – both heat transfer and cold transfer. Many years of testing revealed a series of improvements that, when combined, today allows a significant increase in the efficiency of the unit.

Unlike other products, Cold-Plus is not an additive, it is a treatment. This means that Cold-Plus only needs to be used once for the lifetime of the system to provide the following benefits:

  1. Cleans and removes oil-fouling.
  2. Provides boundary lubrication throughout the system that is more slippery than the lubrication used in the system.
  3. This boundary lubrication is not only more slippery, but also chemically inert; meaning it does not interact or react with other system chemicals/components.
  4. Speeds up pool boiling not only by removing oil-fouling, but also by means of nuclei polymers that increase nucleation and thus quickens the thermodynamics of the entire process.