Please use the directions below for 410A applications.


1. Measure the high side pressure to ensure it does not exceed our recommended security limit of 380 psi.

2. Make sure system is running. (Set thermostat low enough to maintain running compressor for at least 45 minutes).

3. Make sure all gauge valves are closed. Connect to high and low service ports.

4. Connect puncture valve hose to center port on gauge set.

5. Shake can vigorously (approx. 30 seconds). Connect can to puncture valve hose.

6. Bleed all hoses, puncture can, then open puncture valve to allow flow.

7. Slowly open high side to pressurize can, then close high side valve.

8. Hold can upside down and slowly open low side valve.

9. If can is not completely emptied, repeat steps 7 & 8.

10. Treatment is complete. Close valves and disconnect hoses.

11. Leave empty can attached to prevent contamination of hose until next installation.